After the success of my book, '101 Doggy Dilemmas', I am about to start work on a new book which has the working title of ‘Woofs of Wisdom’ – Dog Behaviour made Simple'. The book is to be a compilation of ‘sticky’ short phases/quotes. A collection of memorable phrases that often sum up paragraphs of writing or hours of canine training and behaviour presentations. This is where you come in.

As a fellow professional I highly regard, I would love your contribution to this book. It is a chance to share your expertise to thousands of readers. There is also an opportunity to guide readers to your website so they can discover more about you and your various ventures.

Use your native spelling and terminology (behavior/behaviour, lead/leash etc).

Which short phrase do you think can really help a dog owner or a dog trainer?

So all I require:

1) a phrase which is memorable. It doesn't have to be a unique quote...it's about helpful phrases/soundbites. (up to 30 words)

For example, ‘Naughty is normal.' – Your Name

2) A paragraph or two which justifies the phrase.

For example, ‘A puppy is born not knowing what is expected of him. The only way he learns is by trying different behaviours to see which work. We may consider jumping up to be naughty but the puppy sees it as a greeting!

It is our job as an owner to teach, guide and instruct the puppy in behaviours and actions that we want more of. So for jumping up, teach the dog that four paws on the floor receives attention and a greeting’.

3) And finally, a little about you

For example, ‘Your Name has been involved in animal behaviour and training dogs for over ten years. She is the author of three books including “The Perfect Pooch - My Way”. Your name currently spends her time teaching enthusiastic dog trainers via her online college, Global Mous Teach.

Find out more about Your Name at: www.GlobalMousTeach.co m’

That’s it!

To make it easier, simply click this link to easily add your information…


Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Tony Cruse.


Book Title: ‘Woofs of Wisdom’ – A collection of dog training and behaviour soundbites.'

Type: Physical (pocket sized) book.

Edited by: Tony Cruse

Publisher: Self-Published

Target Readership: Dog enthusiasts and dog trainers

The previous book... Woofs of Wisdom will look something like this...