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Are you part of an organisation, school, club or society who wants to engage their audience with inspiring seminars, workshops & sessions?

Tony Cruse is an expert dog trainer who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to audiences interested in the relationship between humans & dogs.

He has presented on radio, at academic colleges, clubs, societies as well as leading online virtual seminars.

In his latest presentation, Tony shares excerpts from his current book, 101 Doggy Dilemmas, to encourage audiences see their dogs in a whole new light and to discover the quick and easy techniques that can make a world of difference.

Tony’s humour, knowledge and unique message have led media outlets to his door. His energy, passion and commitment to teaching make him one of the sector’s in-demand speakers.

In 2015 Tony was invited to lecture second year veterinary students in canine behaviour and welfare at Writtle University College. He is now a nominated lecturer for the Writtle University College.

Popular Topics:

· Understanding Your Dog

· Doggy Dilemmas

· The Do's and Don't of Dog Behaviour

· Dog Psychology; How dogs learn

· Rehoming a Rescue Dog

· Now you have a Puppy

· Fear & Aggression in Dogs

· Activities to do with your dog

· Children and dogs

· Running Scentwork classes

· Barking Books (writing about dogs)

. and many many more.

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