“Tony will teach you the best methods to train your dog and he will help you ‘get into your dog’s mind’ and see things from your puppy/dog’s point of view. His enthusiasm and passion for dogs, dog training and doggy behaviour shine through at all times.” – Dr Ian Dunbar (PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS Founder, Association of Professional Dog Trainers).

“Tony has been there every step of the way, any problem he has an answer. I find his book very helpful too.Having a Springer certainly keeps you on your toes. It does take time and patience. Harley and I both enjoy the classes. Harley is now 1 year old, where has the time gone? Many thanks Tony.”

- Elizabeth, Chelmsford.

"I had lost faith in my rescue, pure bred working English Setter, Ryan. He had a tendency to chase joggers, horses, tractors and cyclists. Tony helped me understand why it was occuring and that I am not a bad dog owner.

By using positive, reward-based methods, after only two park 1-2-1 sessions, we cracked it. Tony's instructions/explanations make perfect sense and are easy to follow.

I've got my good boy back :-) I recommend Tony to every dog owner!" - Lucy, Chelmsford.

"Tony has been a fabulous dog trainer and also a great inspiration for my dogs and me; one of my dogs is a rescue dog and extremely reactive. He is approachable, articulate and clear in his instruction and advice. He has a fabulous positive energy and makes lesson’s fun as well as informative.

Go Tony!!" - Rima, London.

"Fully recommend a home visit from Tony. His practical advice really works and helped me understand Jess from her point of view... Immediate benefits from advice meant my 6 year old can safely take her for a walk without fear of being dragged along the road ... A happy little boy! People comment on how well behaved she is on the lead now! Can't recommend more highly!"

- Jo, Brentwood.

“Tony constantly seeks out and studies the best methods within the dog training world. This enables him to practice as a professional dog trainer who is best equipped to help with pet dog training and behavioural issues.” - Steve Mann. iMDT. APDT. MBIPDT.

“When I contacted Tony about our puppy Bentley, we were on the verge of returning him to his breeder. Bad experiences with another trainer had made him scared and display some fear-based aggression. We followed Tony's advice for 3 weeks, which was based on positive experiences. It has transformed Bentley from nervous and potentially aggressive to confident and happy! I can't thank Tony enough for helping us through a difficult time and ultimately making Bentley the puppy we all knew he could be.” – Jane, Chelmsford.

“Was it beneficial..? It was brilliant. Thank you so much. I wasn’t aware Widget could be so well behaved!! It was a brilliant hour and we ALL learnt so much. You have given us the tools to achieve our goals for which we can’t thank you enough." - Cheryl, Braintree.

“Buster has been doing so well compared to what he used to be and the change has left us both feeling amazed. Now, when Buster hears another dog he looks straight to us. It has been very nice to see Buster more relaxed, looking happier and we are so happy to see him improving and doing the things that dogs should do. Thank you very much for your help” - Susana and Simon, Southend-On-Sea

"I can't express how grateful I am for your tips and advice. (Among other things), feeding Teddy by hand has proved an amazing way to teach him. The day after you left he was able to learn to sit, stay, down, paw up, speak, spin a circle etc in a matter of minutes. Thanks again for your great help. I now have a very well behaved little dog." - Abi, Chelmsford.

"Great classes in a small group (6 dogs, where in other classes you'd see 10, 12 or even more!), with a trainer who thinks of fun but useful things to do in class that you can easily keep working on at home or when out and about with your dog."

- Eveline, Chelmsford.

“Tony visited our home for a Puppy Primer and although we have owned dogs before, we soon appreciated how much about that early energetic stage we had forgotten. Tony’s manner, advice and common sense approach has helped Oskar develop from an uncontrolled puppy into a much-valued pet.” -Ted, Little Baddow

"As an inexperienced dog owner, I needed help! Tony at TC Dog Training has guided us through. Tony teaches positive reinforcement techniques and every lesson is fun for both Louie and me. I have a very happy sociable little dog. Thank you Tony." – Dawn, Chelmsford.

“We have followed all your advice and suggestions. The difference is wonderful! I'm calmer and more confident and Alf, the German Shepherd Dog, can now cope much better in the street even managing to pass by another dog on the pavement. Before seeing you, Alf always wore a Halti and I took his muzzle with me, "just in case". He is now walking with a loose lead attached to his collar and the muzzle is totally redundant. We can't thank-you enough!” – Michael, Leigh-on-Sea.

“I can't tell you how much Alfie and myself enjoyed your classes, especially having been to classes before and hating every minute as I seemed to be constantly told off for not handling Alfie correctly.” – Kim, Chelmsford.

“Tony gave us the confidence and the training procedures to help us control and understand our dog. Thanks to Tony we can now really enjoy Bella.” - Amanda, Loughton.

“With just a single one-to-one training session, Tony's loose lead walking technique helped us train our strong pulling Labrador, Dexter, so that we could immediately throw away his harness. It simply made walking Dexter to the park a pure pleasure again. Tony took the time to demonstrate exactly how to guide us through further training and provided a really useful assessment and guide - Dexter loves the training too!” – David, Great Baddow.

“I received very good advice from Tony for our Golden Retriever, Daisy, which has been very helpful. Many thanks.” – Janet, Essex.

“As a busy dog walker and trainer it can be hard to find time to train my own dogs. Tony has met with me on a number of occasions - it’s always good to have someone else to point out where I might make some changes to improve my dogs’ behaviour and obedience and Tony is always kind and gentle with both me and the dogs. I never feel corrected, always improved, and his ideas always have the welfare of the dog as his priority.” – Mina, Essex.

“It was lovely to talk over all the problems with Tony and see that with consistent work there are solutions and that has given us hope. More than anything Tony’s visit has calmed me down and given me a chance to stand back and reassess the situation and I think we all feel much more positive.” - Alison, Essex.

"I would definitely recommend Tony and his team to help train anyone's dog. My dog Lexi is very excitable, strong and was difficult to walk she pulled the whole time and it wasn't a pleasant experience. After training with Tony I can now walk her and it's a pleasure to take her out. Tony and his team have taught me a lot including keeping Lexis' brain active to keep her stimulated. Tony's methods are friendly and fun. Thank you to all involved" - Jane H, Essex

“Tony has the ability to understand and teach the owners as well as the dog. His relaxed and calm attitude makes him absorb the meaning of the relationship between 'man & dog', and I hope his motivation will take him further so others can experience all he has taught me.” – Ellen, Sussex.

“I can’t thank Tony enough for coming to see Monty and me. Monty is now a calm and happy dog.” – Leila, Essex.

“After advice from Tony we now have a dog we can enjoy owning, Heidi's recall has improved so much that people comment on the change in her.” - Cathie, Chelmsford.