Tuesday Club

The idea of the Tuesday Club is that each week will be a different activity. Different activities will be taught each week...no one week will be the same. The activity will be announced on the Tuesday morning.

The Tuesday Club activity will be from 10am and will run until 10.45, when a debriefing and Q&A session will be held whilst enjoying a tea or coffee, taking it to 11am.

The exclusive TUESDAY CLUB.

You wanted the best for your dog, you have requested it and Tc Dog

Training has delivered!

Each Week, with no fixed agenda, one of the following will be covered...

  • Intro to Agility

  • Intro to Clicker Training (including free branded clicker)

  • Fun Scentwork

  • Tricks

  • Pets at Vets (keeping your dog calm and obliging for a vet trip)

  • Gundog exercises

  • Intro to Tracking

  • Fun Obedience (retrieve, distance control etc)

  • Basic Behaviour (addressing your dog's fears etc)

  • Group Training Walks to Galleywood Common

  • Dedicated loose Lead Sessions

  • Stuff. Accustoming your dog to items and even a horse

  • Intro to T Touch

  • Dedicated Recall Sessions

  • Husbandry

  • A look at security dogs

  • Intro to Rally O

  • A look at Search&Rescue

  • Your requests Because it will be your club, you can request an activity we will address it. Head trainer, Tony will take you through the activities although occasionally there will be special guest instructors who specialise in some activities seen above.

Held outdoors at the beautiful grounds of

Galleywood Cricket Club where private parking and toilet facilities are available.

The Tuesday Club Card gets you six sessions that you can use when you wish.

Limited to approx eight members at any one time, ensures you get focused instructing.

The Tuesday Club is here! You can start your membership on any Tuesday providing there is a space.

Membership is limited to approx eight people and the cost for this unique club is £90.00 for six classes.

Places occasionally become available.

Contact Tc Dog Training by visiting the contact page

"The Tuesday Club for fun weekly events!

The best activities for your best friend"!

For structured training classes, see the Galleywoofers Group Classes page.