Puppy Primer

One-to-One Puppy Primer

A recent survey of puppy owners discovered that 59% of people quizzed admitted that they were not completely prepared for their puppy and 55% said that the experienced was more stressful than they had previously anticipated. Be prepared and cut the stress of the first few months of owning a puppy…

Tc Dog Training offer a 'Puppy Primer' visit where the common puppy issues (biting, jumping up, toilet training, howling/crying etc) are addressed and you are guided in the right direction. Puppies can be hard work but at least, after a Puppy Primer visit, you will know you are using the best techniques available to set your puppy up for life. Things will only improve! Perhaps contact us before you get your puppy so you are fully prepared for the little energetic ball of fluff. We can guide you through the set up from sleeping arrangements, puppy proofing and what to expect on the first night. Things like effective toilet training are crucial, once bad habits begin, it becomes harder to address later.

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Head trainer, Tony, will be with you and your puppy for an hour advising and demonstrating. You will then receive a customised guide which addresses the points covered and often feature training videos. Don't wait nine months when problems have developed and escalated, phone or email us now to book a visit and get off to the best possible start with your new addition.

For a 1-2-1 Puppy Primer (Puppy under 20 weeks), prices start at...£59.00

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If your puppy is over 20 weeks, contact Tony for a quality '1-2-1'. Click <HERE>.