Tc Dog Training Workshops

Send an email via the contact page, titled 'Clicker Workshop' and we will add you to the waiting list for the next workshop.

We will soon have your dog associating the click to mean the correct behaviour has been completed and a reward is coming. Shaping and free shaping are covered

in this workshop which is aimed at pet owners who have never used the clicker before. If you have used the clicker and want a refresher then this is also the workshop for you. From a simple sit to a 'send to the mat', the clicker is a fun and effective method to train which encourages you and your dog to think and learn.

Hide & Scent 1

Next Hide & Scent 1 Workshop....

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Your dog has a super power and it's time to unleash it! Dog's live in a world of scent and their nose has the ability to locate and discriminate different smells, which when harnessed is both fun and useful.

By building simple exercises aimed at the pet dog, we can soon have your dog locating your mobile phone or car-keys! Apart from impressing all those around, by getting your pet to actively use this powerful sense, it will tire him out quicker than any walk around the block can. This is what makes scentwork extremely useful for the average pet owner. Anxious dogs can finally find a role and gain confidence. Hyperactive dogs can also find a role and put that excess energy to a positive use! And If your vet says 'no physical exercise for a while'...scentwork provides an outlet!

Oh and it is tremendous fun...the dogs love it, the people watching love it and you'll love it!!

We'll teach you the best methods to get your dog interested in a random article, how to send your dog ahead of you to find it and to retrieve or indicate when it's is located.

The Workshop starts off with how Rover's nose works, which conditions favour scent work and which types of articles are best to use. The practical exercises then begin and the real fun starts. Specially designed for pet dogs, any dog, any age can do this! No obedience training required, in fact, the dogs that often perform the best have had little or no obedience training!

Price includes a free scent toy to continue the fun at home.

Attend with your dog for £40 * Please send an email entitled 'H&S1' to book a place. Email to register your interest for this popular workshop. Places limited*.

Hide & Scent 2 & 3

For those that have completed the ever popular Hide & Scent 1... there is Hide & Scent 2.

Building on the techniques learned and the successes achieved previously, owners are taught how to get their dog to actively indicate when an item is located. This means a specific behaviour occurs to inform you of where the article is. Blind searches are also carried out, where trust in your pet dog is gradually increased. Other items are also used as articles so your dog will be scenting for your car keys, wallet or mobile phone. There is also an introduction to multi-finds and vehicle searches.

Next dates: Coming. 10-12.15pm. * Attend with your dog for £38 * Please send an email entitled 'H&S2' to book a place. Places very limited! Hide & Scent 3 coming soon.

Personalised certificates are available on completion of either course if required.

New workshops coming soon. Email to join the waiting list.

Clicker Training Workshop

Clicker training is both fun and a very quick way to teach your dog new exercises or to tighten up on older exercises. We will teach you the basics from why we c

lick, the timing of the click and just why it is so damn fast as a training tool.