One-to-One Assessment and Training
Essex Behaviourist

Tc Dog Training will visit you on a one-to-one level or with your family and will help train you to train and/or rehabilitate your dog or puppy to the standard you require, either in your home or in the park. You will be shown and provided with the methods to maintain the desired behaviour in the form of a written report and easy to follow guide sheet.

During the meeting I will observe the situation and talk you through some solutions and exercises, which will be demonstrated, if necessary.  You will later be sent a full customised report containing the findings, recommendations and solutions covered.  

Recall problems? I focus particularly on whistle recall, using a gundog whistle.  Dog dashing out of the front door?  I have a very effective 'barrier control' exercise.  

Unruliness in the house, erratic behaviour in the park, anxiety and reactiveness around other dogs or people,  all issues covered.

By contacting me you instantly share the load and will feel more able to deal with your problem dog and have a more positive outlook.

For your dog, we can start to do the remedial work and get him back to a fun filled and well behaved dog he should be.  Phone or email me to book a visit and I will construct and demonstrate a training plan for you and your dog.  
Don't call a part-timer, call a professional.  Tony has carried out over six-hundred-and-fifty 1-2-1 appointments.

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