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2008-2009 Writtle College. Canine Care, Training and Management. PASS 
2009 UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists Annual Symposium. 
2010 Writtle College Instructors Course 
2010 Association of Pet Behavioural Council (APBC) Conference on Aggression. 
2010 Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour (John Rogerson) Training, Handling and Instructing Course. 
2010 Pia Silvani Workshop 
2010 Alpha Dog Training School. Career as a Dog Trainer. The theory. 
2009 - 2010 COAPE Dogwise. DISTINCTION. 
2010 Dr Ian Dunbar. Three Day Conference.  
2010 - 2011 Bishop Burton. Undergraduate Study in Canine Behaviour and Training - 60 Credits  
2010 BIPDT Seven Day Course. 2nd Grade. PASS 
2010 Alpha Dog Training, Career as a Dog Trainer ,Four Day Practical Course. 
2010 Predatory Chase Workshop with David Ryan. 
2010 Geert De Bolster Seminar Training principles and aggressive communication, management and rehabilitation. 
2011 Chelmsford College. C&G Preparing to Teach Course (PTLLS) 
2011 Talking Dogs POSSESSION AGGRESSION One Day Workshop. 
2011 Talking Dogs SCENTWORK . One day Workshop. 
2011 Kim Moeller's Teaching Reactive Rover Classes. 2 day Seminar. 
2011 Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Event. Sarah Whitehead lecture. 
2011 Gained entry to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK. (APDT). 
2011 BIPDT Seven day course. First Grade. Passed. 
2011 Two days. Dr. Roger Abrantes The brave new world of dog training: science with a brain and a heart 
2012 2010 Association of Pet Behavioural Council (APBC) Conference on Scentwork/Harnessing the power of the canine's nose. 
2012 PDTI National Conference Robert Alleyne/Dr John Bradshaw 
2012 PDTI Teaching Workshop. Instructing Skils and providing a professionally run companion dog training service. 
2012 Became a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (iMDT) 
2012 iMDT Perfect Puppy/Dealing with aggression/Body Language/Clicker Training 
2012 Two Days Canine Scent Detection. Kelly Gorman Dunbar 
2012 Sarah Whitehead Think Dog Practical two day course 
2012 Domesticated Manners Workshop... 'Terry Ryan, Practical Training for Practical Trainers'. 2 Days. 
2013 WOOF! The European Training and Behaviour Conference 2013. Three day conference. 
2013+ Jean Donaldson's 'The Academy for Dog Trainers' 
2013 Control Unleashed Workshop Level 1 
2013 Kay Laurence The Connection Experience (2 Days) 
2013 TAG Teach. 2 Day Workshop with Theresa McKewan 
2014 Peter Neville. 'Sex & Aggression in Dogs' 
2014 Gundog Training: Perfecting your Retrieve. Helen Phillips 
2014 Brenda Aloff's Instructors Workshop 
2014 Companion Animal Nutrition & Feeding. Writtle College (2 Days)  
2014 Became a registered practitioner with The Animal and Behaviour Training Council (ABTC) 
2014 Invited to join the Your Dog magazine team answering reader's emails and letters and writing regular training articles. 
2015 Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) Annual Conference 
2015 Ken Ramirez Seminar (2 Days) 
2015 Dr Ian Dunbar Common-Sense & Cutting-Edge Concepts in Behaviour and Training 
2015 Invited to lecture at Writtle University College to second year Veterinary Physiotherapy students 
2015 Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, Something For Everyone Seminar. 
2015 Dog Law with Trevor Cooper 
2016 Platform Training with K9 Services (2 Days) 
2016 Dog Aggression with Chirag Patel 
2017 Woof! The European Behaviour & Training Conference 2017 Three day conference. 
2017 TAGTeach Advanced Workshop (2 Days) Teaching made simple. 
2017 Problem Solving with Susanne Clothier  
2016 Co-Hosted David Ryan Seminar. Dogs that Bite and Fight. Writtle University College. 
2019 WOOF! The European Training and Behaviour Conference 2019. Four day conference. 
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