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    Imagine having a dog that comes straight back when called, who greets people politely and walks on the pavement, calmly by your side.
    Envisage training where you and your dog are the main focus, where we work on the behaviours you’d like to train and at a pace that suits you and your dog.

    This is entirely possible.  A new beginning starts now, so contact 
    Tc Dog Training for a range of dog training activities, right away!

    Tc Dog Training use clear, fun and effective methods where you and your dog will not be reprimanded or judged but set up for success.


    Maybe your puppy is chewing the furniture and mouthing the family's hands, perhaps you simply want to prevent future issues. I'm here to help. Get it right now and it will be easier when your dog is older. Basic exercises such as 'sit', 'down', send to bed and stay can be taught along with the best methods to bond and play with your puppy. Early lead work is vital, so that when your puppy becomes a larger adult, he wont be pulling you all over the road.  

    Knowing how frustrating it can be bringing up a puppy, I can give you the support, advice and training methods, so that your puppy grows to become a well-behaved and fun filled dog. Don't get it wrong.  

    Choose the best methods now and progress blossoms!


    Rescue dogs often arrive into your home with issues.  Having worked at a rescue kennel, I am able to help you retrain your new arrival to leave his/her behavioural problems in the past. Separation anxiety, pulling on the lead and barking excessively are a few of the common issues which I can help you overcome, so your dog becomes a happy and settled member of your household.


    Dogs are much like people.  As they grow older their personality and moods change. It is never too late to train an adult or elderly dog.  And occasionally dogs can forget what is expected of them so require a refresher session. Tell me the behaviour you don't require and I will help you train for the behaviour you do require.  

    You will find that by involving an external party, such as Tc Dog Training, instantly takes away some of the pressure and stress and helps you re-focus.

    We only use rewarding, kind and effective training methods based on years of research.


                                                         "We want your dog to remain your best friend!"

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